These stories were aimed at a more mature, early teen reader.

This spin-off series, published from 1986 to 1997, has an updated trendy Nancy who sometimes is interested in guys other than Ned Nickerson. Ned is still Nancy's main squeeze, but the couple argue about Nancy's work and flirtations. Nancy is solving much more serious crimes, such as murder, than in the original series.

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Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

1986 Nancy Drew Files Cover Art
Secrets Can Kill (1) For Sale
Nancy Drew goes back to high school -- but this time, the curriculum is murder. No one has been able to catch the elusive thief who is stalking the nighttime halls at Bedford High. So Nancy goes undercover as a transfer student. When she meets her contact, Daryl Gray, a gorgeous senior with blueberry eyes, Nancy thinks this new case would turn out to be a lot of fun. But she is dead wrong. Dangerous secrets run deep at Bedford, and Nancy learns the hard way when she takes Daryl for a ride in her Mustang -- and the car ends up exploding in a ball of fire. Though her suspect list is long, Nancy is almost certain she knows who the thief is -- until her top candidate is found sprawled outside the video lab, very dead. Suddenly it's a whole new game, a game called murder. And Nancy is the killer's next target.

Deadly Intent (2) For Sale
Nancy Drew is looking for a kidnapped rock star--but she finds a lethal conspiracy. With backstage passes to Radio City Music Hall, Nancy and her three best friends meet the members of the country's hottest rock group, Bent Fender. But the fun is over when, minutes before the concert, the lead guitarist vanishes. Nancy takes the case. Soon her list of suspects reads like the WHO'S WHO of the New York rock scene. And her clues read like a puzzle: What do a wallet with a dragon emblem, a license plate, and two anonymous men have in common with the missing musician? Then Nancy's boyfriend Ned shows up, eager for romance. Nancy feels she can't spend the time--until, through Ned, she uncovers a conspiracy that could blow the lid off the music industry.

Murder on Ice (3) For Sale
A romantic ski weekend ends with a big chill -- murder! A weekend on the ski slopes is just what Nancy and Ned need to rekindle their romance. Joined by Bess and George, they head for the mountains--and run straight into deadly peril. First Nancy's towline breaks, then she and Ned careen toward a cliff's edge in a jeep gone out of control. Nancy's got to move fast--before an avalanche of murder buries them all.

Smile and Say Murder (4) For Sale
In the glitzy world of magazine publishing Nancy Drew searches for a ruthless killer. . . A series of death threats send Nancy undercover at Flash, the country's top teen magazine. The target is Yvonne Verdi, co-owner of Flash and wonder-girl of the magazine world. Hard-nosed and driven, Yvonne has a talent for making enemies, any of whom could be out to get her. But no one has more reason to want her dead than Mick Swanson, Yvonne's moody, violent partner. Fond of gruesome practical jokes and hungry for control of Flash, Mick quickly becomes Nancy's top suspect. Mick looks dangerous, so Nancy calls in her boyfriend, Ned Nickerson, to play bodyguard. But that backfires when Ned appears to fall head over heels for Mick's sister. Then the would-be killer strikes again. Nancy's on her own, and she's got some fancy footwork to do, before the killer strikes her..

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Hit and Run Holiday (5) For Sale
A friend's near-murder plunges Nancy into a dark tangle of clues on Florida's sunny beaches Sun, surf and boys are all Nancy, Bess and George have on their minds when they cruise into Ft. Lauderdale for a week of fun. But that changes abruptly when their friend Kim, who's been in town for a week already, is struck by a hit-and-run driver--and not by accident. As Kim lies close to death, Nancy sets out to find the driver. Her only clue is the name "Rosita"--Kim's last word before losing consciousness. Nancy combs the beaches for a face to match the name, but all she finds are handsome guys eager for romance and a jumble of clues that lead nowhere. Suddenly, the would-be killer strikes again. But this time it is Nancy who is wanted dead.

White Water Terror (6) For Sale
Nancy Drew is on a white water adventure that soon becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. When George wins a rafting trip on a wild Montana river, Nancy and Ned agree it's time for a vacation. Bess is persuaded to go because there will be boys in the group. But a sinister telephone warning and two near-fatal "accidents" soon put the vacation on ice and Nancy and her friends on guard. Then when one raft capsizes and another is sliced to ribbons, it's obvious someone is sabotaging the trip. Everyone is a suspect -- until one of the rafters is killed and another disappears. It's clear that Nancy and her friends are being stalked by a ruthless murderer. But why? If Nancy doesn't find some answers soon, she can kiss her vacation -- and her life -- goodbye..

Deadly Doubles (7) For Sale
Nancy plays a new kind of sport-- and murder is the name of the game Nancy and her friends George and Bess fly down to Washington, D.C., to watch some of the world's best tennis players shoot for a championship. But the action is hotter off the court when Nancy gets tangled in a bizarre case of mistaken identity. Nancy bears a striking resemblance to Teresa Montenegro, the rising young star from San Carlos. Then Teresa's boyfriend is kidnapped, and Teresa may be next! In a last, desperate move to outwit the hired guns, Nancy and Teresa trade places. Nancy strides onto center court to play a deadly game of doubles--while a ruthless killer stalks her from the stands.

Two Points For Murder (8) For Sale
If Nancy solves this case, she'll lose Ned -- for good! All Nancy has to do is catch the practical joker who's terrorizing the Emerson College basketball team -- the team Ned plays for. But then the jokes turn deadly -- and Nancy's main suspect is Ned's best friend! When Nancy tells Ned her suspicions, he blows up. He says she's forgotten how to trust people and he wants her to leave Mike alone. Nancy can't stop now -- too many people are getting hurt. But if she solves the case, can she hold on to the boy she loves?

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

False Moves (9) For Sale
Nancy tracks down the thief responsible for stealing the million-dollar Raja diamond during a gala ballet performance.

Buried Secrets (10) For Sale
Nancy investigates a thirty-year-old mystery involving the bizarre death of Mayor John Harrington.

Heart Of Danger (11) For Sale
Nancy investigates the kidnapping of Caterina Reigert by posing as the writer of the girl's father's autobiography.

Fatal Ransom (12) For Sale
Nancy is summoned by Lance Colson, handsome businessman to investigate the kidnapping of his nephew Hal.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Wings of Fear (13) For Sale
Teenaged heir Hal Colson has been kidnapped, and Nancy knows it will take $475,000 to get him back. Lance Colson, Hal's handsome uncle and guardian, is convinced that the punk rockers Hal hangs out with are responsible. Nancy gets nervous when she and George are caught casing one of the punkers and taken to their hideout--especially when one pulls a gun.

This Side of Evil (14) For Sale
Scenic Montreal becomes the arena for a deadly game of cat and mouse! Nancy flies to Montreal on an "easy" case and finds herself in a vicious duel of wits with a master criminal. What appears to be petty blackmail proves to be a million-dollar operation. The trail leads to a TV newscaster with a shady past, an heiress without a future, and a society doctor who knows the wrong people. But when Nancy gets too close, the trap is set, using her friend George as bait. She has no choice but to accept the challenge -- even if it leads to certain death.

Trial by Fire (15) For Sale
As Nancy shifts into high gear as a cabdriver to run down a hit man, she uncovers corruption in the highest places, including a plot to silence her father, a reporter and herself.

Never Say Die (16) For Sale
Nancy investigates some "accidents", involving her friend George, which have been occuring around the bicycle racetrack.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Stay Tuned For Danger (17) For Sale
Imagine-a chance to work as extra's on TV's top soap opera, with America's heartthrob, Rick Arlen! Bess is dazzled when she and Nancy are invited on the show by Rick's beautiful co-star Mattie Jensen. She's alarmed because the handsome actor has received some nasty threats-from a slashed photo to doctored chocolates.

Circle of Evil (18) For Sale
While enjoying a fabulous party hosted by wealthy Joanna Tate, Nancy finds herself investigating a major jewel theft. Joanna's newest prize -- a diamond and ruby necklace -- is missing. And since Joanna hasn't kept the necklace a secret, Nancy has plenty of suspects. Her chief problem is rookie police detective John Ryan, who wants to nab the thief himself. But a rash of copycat robberies -- and some devishly original murder attempts -- convince Nancy to collar the country club burglar right away... or pay dearly later.

Sisters in Crime (19) For Sale
A sorority girl's death pits Nancy against a campus killer Nancy's holiday at a California college with old friend Susan Victors turns out to be dangerous work. It seems Susan's sorority sister Rina Charles drowned mysteriously while scuba diving -- and Susan can't believe it was an accident. Posing as a transfer student checking out the campus, Nancy discovers that the popular -- and powerful -- sorority girls are far from innocent. Some have evidence of a shocking cheating scandal. Others hate Nancy on sight. But one of them has graduated to cold-blooded murder.

Very Deadly Yours (20) For Sale
Personal: Slightly psycho sweetheart seeks teen detective for date with death -- wear white. When Bess ignores Nancy's advice and answers a romantic personal ad in the River Heights Newspaper, she becomes the victim of a deadly mistake. It seems her date, Steve Beldon, was hunting someone else, and Bess walked into the trap. Now Steve is threatening her, and Bess has no idea why. Nancy takes the case, but as soon as she begins to investigate, a hit-and-run driver seriously injures her boyfriend, Ned. Unless Nancy runs down Bess' blind date fast, the teen detective will be next on his hit list.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Recipe for Murder (21) For Sale
Murder is brewing at a world-famous cooking school in Chicago where two chefs turn up dead shortly after Nancy Drew and Ned enroll for a course on a bet.

Fatal Attraction (22) For Sale
Romance takes a deadly twist when Nancy's archrival falls for a ladykiller Newspaper publisher Frazier Carlton comes to Nancy with a delicate problem. He wants her to check out his daughter Brenda's new flame -- and he wants it kept secret. The trouble is, as soon as the teen detective starts investigating Mike McKeever, Brenda suspects Nancy of being interested in him. To make things tougher, Mike seems attracted to Nancy. But as Nancy digs deeper into Mike's shadowy past she finds that Brenda is playing with fire. More than a few fathers have tried to run the handsome entertainer out of town. And even more alarming -- one of his ex-girlfriends never came home.

Sinister Paradise (23) For Sale
In Hawaii, Nancy Drew investigates when Lisa Trumbull, granddaughter of millionaire Alice Faulkner, is kidnapped and a ransom note demands that the Faulkners sell their shares of Windward Bancorp to the mysterious Malihini Corporation.

Till Death Do Us Part (24) For Sale
Another girl is out to get Ned -- for eternity Ned takes Nancy out for a special, romantic dinner. But when he asks her to marry him, she turns him down. Then, the next night, he announces his engagement to the new girl in River Heights, Jessica Thorne! Nancy is hurt -- and suspicious. Jessica goes out of her way to make friends with Nancy. She invites her to go skydiving, and when Nancy's chute fails to open, she saves her life. Still, Nancy is determined to uncover the secret of Jessica's past -- and her true interest in Ned -- before the final knot is tied.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Rich and Dangerous (25) For Sale
On a New York vacation, Nancy Drew saves the life of an elderly woman who turns up dead a few days later and whose allegedly caring family may have brought the woman to her demise.

Playing With Fire (26) For Sale
Nancy goes to L.A. to investigate arson -- and has a hot time in Hollywood Nancy, Bess, and George are summoned to Los Angeles by Preston Talbot, president of Victory Airlines. A priceless miniature portrait of Napoleon has mysteriously exploded in flames in the vault of the hotel he owns. Talbot offers the girls an all-expenses-paid trip, with first-class airfare, a limousine, and a posh suite at his hotel. But before they can get carried away with Hollywood glamor, Nancy's flight bag explodes at the airport. Then a valuable manuscript and a gown worn by the empress Josephine are torched. Nancy must trace the connection before she gets burned -- for good!

Most Likely to Die (27) For Sale
Nancy's high school reunion party turns up an old flame -- and ignites a burning feud Wendy Harriman, the most popular cheerleader in Nancy's class, invites her old schoolmates to a beach party. But the reunion stirs up much more than memories. Someone deliberately sets a flash fire at the barbecue pit -- then Wendy's room is ransacked and robbed. When Nancy investigates she discovers Wendy isn't as popular as she seems. A few fellow students still carry grudges against the snobbish teen queen. Nancy also finds that former boyfriend Don Cameron is still carrying a torch for her, which makes Ned see red. But romance takes a backseat to the mysterious crimes that follow the party guests. Now Nancy has to find out which of their friends is their worst enemy ever.!

Black Widow (28) For Sale
Carson Drew takes Nancy on a cruise to exotic Rio de Janeiro. Once on board the Emerald Queen, a beautiful widow named Nina da Silva seems to attract his attention. The problem is, Nina happens to be Nancy's top suspect in a strange case of stolen gems. During her investigation someone tries to kill Nancy with a poisonous spider. Then handsome cruise director Randy Wolfe is wounded by a poisoned dart meant for her. Amid the glittering excitement of Carnival, the teen detective is stalked by a phantom hit man -- who wants Nancy stopped before she can uncover the priceless treasure of the Emerald Queen.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Pure Poison (29) For Sale
Someone who knows too much is dying to tell all... Nancy is urgently summoned to Washington, D.C., by her old friend Senator Marilyn Kilpatrick. When Nancy arrives on Capitol Hill, the senator -- fearing her office is bugged -- escorts Nancy to the street to talk. It seems that gossip columnist Beverly Bishop is about to publish a nasty exposé that will ruin lives, including Senator Kilpatrick's. When Nancy visits the gossip columnist, she realizes that Beverly will stop at nothing to get her treacherous book into print, no matter who gets hurt. But will one of Beverly's intended victims try to get back at her? And can Nancy persuade Beverly not to write the final, poisonous chapter?

Death by Design (30) For Sale
Nancy stalks a poisoner through Chicago's high-fashion jungle After receiving a series of death threats, hot young fashion designer Kim Daley calls Nancy Drew to investigate. At first it seems like a simple case of jealous rivals. But suddenly the competition gets murderous. Kim's pet dog is poisoned -- and Nancy discovers that she too is a victim! The teen detective finds herself racing for her life. If she doesn't find an antidote for the poison fast, she'll be DOA -- Dead On Arrival!

Trouble in Tahiti (31) For Sale
Nancy sails into a tropical tempest of movie stars and murder A plea for help takes Nancy to the magical island of Tahiti. Bree Gordon has received disturbing letters that claim her movie star mother's death years before was no accident. Bree's family life has always been stormy. But the moment Nancy begins to investigate, lightning strikes. After narrowly dodging a wickedly barbed spear, the teen detective receives a mysterious package from a dead man! Inside is the vital clue she needs to crack the case. If she can just survive hand-to-hand combat with a great white shark...

High Marks for Malice (32) For Sale
Nancy investigates murder and mayhem on the Basson College campus.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Danger in Disguise (33) For Sale
While working on the campaign to re-elect City Councilman Terry, Nancy's friend Bess becomes involved in a curious case of false identities in the immigration department. And when mysterious accidents start happening, Nancy vows to solve the case.

Vanishing Act (34) For Sale
When a rock idol becomes the invisible man, Nancy makes a guest appearance Superstar Jesse Slade has been missing for three years -- until Nancy spots a clue on the videotape of Slade's last concert. She and her friends George and Bess fly to California to find out what really happened to the rock singer. The first bombshell is that Slade's manager, Tommy Road, vanished at the same time. Posing as a VJ at a rock TV station, Nancy digs deeper into the music scene. Riches and fame are tempting prizes, but can they lead to murder? Nancy uncovers the answer in a deadly sound studio that pumps out killer music. All oldies...but baddies.

Bad Medicine (35) For Sale
Nancy checks into a hospital where murder is the chief resident To help a friend, Nancy goes undercover at a River Heights hospital. Trevor Callahan, a young doctor, is being blamed for his future father-in-law's sudden death after heart surgery. But before Nancy can investigate, the body is stolen! When the teen detective starts work in the emergency room she soon finds every moment is vital. A mysterious killer is stalking the wards, and Nancy is high on the critical list. If she fails to diagnose the clues, her own life will need intensive care -- and chances are the young sleuth won't survive the treatment.

Over the Edge (36) For Sale
Nancy investigates a series of accidents at a high-risk sports resort.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Last Dance (37) For Sale
Nancy does some dangerous dancing when she encounters a supersmooth deejay Handsome deejay Jon Villiers is the hottest thing in town. All the girls who crowd the trendy new club Moves are crazy about him. But Jon has eyes only for Laurie Weaver, and quite a few people -- including Laurie's ex-boyfriend -- don't like the idea. One of them is intent on breaking up the romance the hard way. When a series of mysterious accidents threatens Laurie, Nancy steps in. The teen sleuth discovers that sexy Jon has a shady past and an unsavory present. If Nancy doesn't crack the case fast, her own future may be on its last legs.....

Final Scene (38) For Sale
When a handsome teen idol comes to Nancy's hometown, crime grabs the spotlight Film star Brady Armstrong is in River Heights for the premiere of his newest movie at the grand old Century Cinema. When Nancy's friend Bess decides to go backstage to see her heartthrob, she stumbles into a kidnapping meant for the movie actor. But the kidnapper doesn't want ransom money. He demands that the planned demolition of the Century Cinema theater be halted -- or Bess will be destroyed with it. Unable to prevent the wreckers from tearing down the building, Nancy races against time to discover where Bess is hidden -- and unmask the mysterious figure who is dead set on stealing the show.

Suspect Next Door (39) For Sale
Blond, blue-eyed, and beautiful, 16-year-old Nikki Masters has looks that can kill -- and now the police want her for murder Nancy's summer vacation is going just fine -- she can hang out and spend time with Ned. All that changes when Vanities, a teen boutique at the mall, is hit by a series of high-priced thefts. Nancy is convinced that it's an inside job, and she turns up the heat to smoke out the thief. During Nancy's investigation, her next-door neighbor Nikki Masters lands in some hot water of her own. Her boyfriend, Dan Taylor, has turned up dead, and the police name Nikki as the prime suspect. But Nancy can't shake the suspicion that there's a hidden connection between the boutique thief and Dan Taylor, the thief of hearts. Nikki may have fallen for the wrong guy at the wrong time, but Nancy knows one thing for sure: Nikki Masters is not the kind of girl to be mixed up in murder..

Shadow of a Doubt (40) For Sale
The legal career of Nancy's father is threatened when he is accused of obstructing justice in an old case and of putting an innocent man behind bars, but Nancy's investigation uncovers the apparent suicide of the convicted man, among other questions.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Something to Hide (41) For Sale
Nancy hunts the saboteur who poisoned a beauty cream.

Wrong Chemistry (42) For Sale
Shunned by superstitious villagers, Teleri of the Woods lives in a dark forest -- hidden away from danger. But when she finds a gravely wounded knight, she opens her heart and her home.

False Impressions (43) For Sale
When a con artist enters the picture, it's Nancy who gets framed! A beautiful young woman in nearby Mapleton has been bilking the members of a posh country club out of thousands of dollars. The extortionist's name, according to the victims, is Nancy Drew! What's worse, the con artist is a dead ringer for the teen detective. The fix is in, and Nancy feels the sting. But two can play at this con game. Disguising herself as a reporter, Nancy resolves to ferret out the truth. The story's hot, but the news is all bad. A small-time Chicago hood has turned up dead with Nancy Drew's name in his pocket, and now the police suspect her of murder.

Scent of Danger (44) For Sale
Nancy stalks some missing jungle cats -- but finds a human animal deadliest of all! To help clear George's boyfriend, Nancy takes on a baffling case at the River Heights zoo. Four wild cats have vanished, and Owen Harris, a handsome grad student working on the World of Africa exhibit, is chief suspect. At the same time, a great perfume formula is missing, and Nancy is soon hot on the scent. Owen appears guilty. Has he been framed? Nancy must tread carefully as she finds danger in the blacktop jungle while searching for the valuable cats and the missing formula. As Nancy investigates, she walks straight into a trap -- with only her wits to save her skin!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Out of Bounds (45) For Sale
Nancy tackles a case of foul play on the football field When waitress Cynthia Tyler is accused of stealing and is fired from the popular restaurant Touchdown, Nancy goes undercover to find out why. She discovers a connection between the missing money and several members of the Bedford High football team -- including Cynthia's boyfriend, star quarterback Rob Matthews. Someone is willing to play very rough to keep Nancy from intercepting the truth behind the Bedford High scandal. The players take their football seriously -- far too seriously for their own good. On the field, they break all the rules of good sportsmanship and good health. Off the field, they have joined in a shady deal that could send the game into sudden death!

Win, Place Or Die (46) For Sale
Nancy goes to the Kentucky Derby -- where death is the dark horse. When Carson Drew invests in a Derby entry called Pied Piper, Nancy and Bess fly to the big event. The favorite is Toot Sweet, but during a workout an accident nearly takes the horse's jockey out of the running. Later, while racing, the jockey takes a nasty spill, and Nancy is sure the real cause is foul play. The teen sleuth sets out to track a treacherous opponent at the world-famous Run for the Roses -- only to find she's a sure thing to hit the finish line dead last.

Flirting With Danger (47) For Sale
Nancy joins the Hollywood in crowd and finds crime is all the rage Nancy and Ned are off to Southern California to visit Josh Kline and his younger sister, Rachel. But when Rachel disappears from her high school commencement, Nancy learns that the girl has graduated into a world of trouble. She's fallen into an ultra-rich, ultra-chic, ultra-dangerous L.A. scene. One of the guys Rachel's been hanging out with has a taste for hot cars and a distaste for all the rules. He's a prime suspect in a wave of burglaries in the Hollywood hills, but a secret society calling itself the Kats warns Nancy off the case. Rachel's playing with fire, and Nancy knows she has to find out what makes the Kat clique tick before Josh's little sister gets burned.

A Date With Deception (48) For Sale
An irresistible ballet star takes the lead in Nancy’s dance with danger Summer in the Hamptons -- a posh New York beach resort -- promises plenty of fun in the sun. What more could Nancy and her friends want? Maybe a touch of romance and a dash of mystery. An international dance workshop is in town, and Nancy's aunt Eloise is sponsoring Soviet dancer Sasha Petrov. But Sasha plans on sponsoring Nancy -- as a partner in love. Then allegations of espionage swirl around the dancers. George's new boyfriend, test pilot Gary Powell, is in the middle of it when his company accuses him of stealing a top-secret blueprint. Nancy is determined to clear Gary's name, but she fears making a wrong move with Sasha: perhaps he's a master of deceit as well as a master of the dance!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Portrait In Crime (49) For Sale
Nancy goes in search of a missing painter -- and uncovers a new twist in the art of murder Nancy's summer in the chic Hamptons beach resort is growing hotter by the day. She's seeing more of Russian dancer Sasha Petrov, and she's not sure if it's friendship or if it's love. Meanwhile, the new guy in Bess's life, waterskiing instructor Tommy Gray, has drawn her into a mystery of a more sinister nature. Tommy's mother owns an art gallery, and a painting by one of her artists, Christopher Scott, has vanished. Scott's nephew died only a few days before in a suspicious accident, and now the artist himself is nowhere to be found. Was it murder? And if so, who was the victim?

Deep Secrets(50) For Sale
A young woman vanishes at sea -- but it may be Nancy’s relationship with Ned that’s on the rocks Nancy's summer at the beach is drawing to a close, and the time has come for her to choose between Russian dancer Sasha Petrov and boyfriend Ned Nickerson. But the mystery of the heart will have to wait. First Nancy must penetrate the mystery of Emily Terner, the wealthy executive's daughter missing at sea. Emily disappears with her sailboat off Montauk Point. Nancy finds plenty of suspects -- a resentful ex-boyfriend, a rival in the upcoming regatta, and a greedy land developer -- but few answers. She's navigating in dangerous waters, and the secrets of the case -- and of her love -- prove deep and unpredictable.

A Model Crime (51) For Sale
An ultrachic modeling contest draws Nancy into a beauty of a mystery A major modeling agency, a designer clothes company, and a popular teen magazine promise to make one girl's dreams come true. All are sponsors of the Face of the Year contest -- and Bess is a finalist! With Nancy at her side, she's off to Chicago to seek the fame and fortune that awaits the winner. But the competition is fierce, and deceit proves to be the hottest fashion of all. A desperate campaign of dirty tricks has brought the contest face-to-face with disaster and scandal -- and the spotlight falls on Nancy as she tries to unmask the cover girl cover-up.

Danger for Hire (52) For Sale
When River Heights is lulled into a false sense of security, Nancy sets off the alarm The exciting world of law enforcement is the subject of a high school career fair, and Nancy is a guest speaker. But the real excitement begins when speaker Tom Hayward, head of a fast-growing security company, takes center stage. He gets an urgent message that a warehouse he protects has just been robbed! The theft is just one in a series of burglaries plaguing Hayward Security, and Nancy suspects that someone has set the company up to take a fall. But as she closes in on the truth, Nancy finds that she, too, is being set up. If she doesn't catch the rip-off artist fast, he might just paint her out of the picture for good!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Trail of Lies (53) For Sale
Nancy and Jon join Carson Drew on a visit to Anchorage shipping magnate Henry Wilcox, and they are thrilled by the idea of seeing Alaska.

Cold As Ice (54) For Sale
Nancy spends a winter weekend on campus -- and finds that crime is on the curriculum Ned invites Nancy, Bess, and George to Emerson College's Winter Carnival for four days of nonstop skiing, skating, and sleigh riding. But a jewel heist on campus puts a big chill on the weekend, and the police believe they have their man cold. His name is Rob Harper, and he's one of Ned's best friends! Convinced of ob's innocence, Nancy undertakes an investigation of her own. But the action on ice proves more slippery than she expected. Someone at Emerson is out to teach Nancy a lesson and show her just how dangerous winter sports can be. When it comes to jewelry, some like it hot -- and the carnival of crime is heating up fast!

Don't Look Twice (55) For Sale
Nancy meets her match -- in the game of love and in the art of crime. Nancy's in Chicago to cheer the Emerson College basketball team, led by co-captain Ned Nickerson, against their archrivals. But she can't believe her eyes. Has Ned saved his slickest moves for the post-game celebration? Is he really making a pass at Denise Mason, a cheerleader who bears a striking resemblance to Nancy? The mystery takes an even more serious twist when a kidnapper, intending to abduct Denise, grabs Nancy instead! Denise's father is the curator of a museum, and a team of art smugglers are making a play for a priceless painting. In a case of forgery and mistaken identity, Nancy discovers that deception and danger are the only rules of the game.

Make No Mistake (56) For Sale
Nancy attends the funeral of a local millionaire -- and finds that greed dies hard Carson Drew's client Clayton Glover is dead, but a controversy is just coming to life. The million-dollar question: Who will inherit the businessman's riches? But the case raises more than questions -- it raises the dead. Glover's only child, Matt, missing for five years and presumed killed in a skiing accident, has returned to River Heights! The man bears a striking resemblance to Matt, but Nancy isn't about to buy his amnesia story without an investigation. When a multimillion-dollar inheritance is at stake it's easy to forget the past -- and the law. Nancy's determined to dig up the determined that in the process she might dig her own grave!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Into Thin Air (57) For Sale
Nancy must help Mark Rubin, a bumbling young private investigator working on an embezzling case, before he makes any more mistakes.

Hot Pursuit (58) For Sale
While vacationing in the Caribbean, Nancy is kidnapped and left on a deserted island to die.

High Risk (59) For Sale
Nancy follows Ned's lead and takes some flying lessons. It's all fun until she starts noticing suspicious behavior on land and in the air that interferes with her lessons.

Poison Pen (60) For Sale
Sabotaged cars, suspicious accidents, and a desperate letter to an advice column figure into Nancy's summertime mystery.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Sweet Revenge (61) For Sale
Nancy and her pals have come to rustic Oakwood Inn to indulge in a chocolate festival fantasy. Add a dash of Brock Sawyer, celebrity taster and one of TV's hottest stars, and you have the makings of a perfect weekend. But the sweet dream turns sour when Brock is rushed to the hospital--poisoned! So Nancy sets to work to find out who would want Brock dead.

Easy Marks (62) For Sale
Nancy goes undercover to investigate a scam involving computer fraud at Brewster Academy

Mixed Signals (63) For Sale
Nancy must save the quarterback of the Emerson College football team from sudden death.

Wrong Track (64) For Sale
When Rebecca Montgomery is fired from a posh ski resort for stealing, fellow ski instructor George is convinced that Rebecca has been framed, and calls her friend Nancy Drew to investigate.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Final Notes (65) For Sale
Nancy visits deceased country singer Curtis Taylor's hometown to investigate a report that Taylor has been seen alive. But Nancy discovers that he's not only dead, but that he was murdered. Nancy must work quickly to unmask an elusive murderer at the memorial concert for Taylor.

Tall, Dark and Deadly (66) For Sale
Halloway College freshman Ava Woods turns to Campus Connections, a computer dating service, in hopes of finding her dream date--and promptly disappears. To solve the crime, Nancy and Bess pose as transfer students and join the dating service. But the head of the service is murdered--and Nancy becomes a suspect!.

Nobody's Business (67) For Sale
Big plans are afoot for grand old Lakeside Inn, it's about to be turned into the hottest rock club this side of Chicago. But when teenage sleuth, Nancy Drew starts digging into the dark corners of the Lakeside Inn's past, she soon discovers that she may be digging her own grave.

Crosscurrents (68) For Sale
When the environmentally conscious curator of the National Aquarium in Baltimore turns up dead, Nancy investigates to determine whether the killer was an illegal polluter or a jealous associate.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Running Scared (69) For Sale
With Nancy's best friend George set to compete in the big race in Chicago, Nancy goes to the Windy City, where she finds herself involved in finding the person who has been sending death threats to top runner Annette Lang.

Cutting Edge (70) For Sale
When George's boyfriend, sportscaster Kevin Davis, covers the National Figure Skating Championships, George and Nancy tag along, and they are soon involved in investigating an on-ice "accident" and the theft of state-of-the-art computer chips.

Hot Tracks (71) For Sale
When the River Heights car theft ring makes off with Bess's new Camaro, Nancy investigates, but her discovery of one of the thieves' corspes complicates her case.

Swiss Secrets (72) For Sale
Nancy, Bess, and George are off on a continental adventure into the gorgeous heart of Europe: -- Switzerland. And gorgeous is just the word for jet-setter Franz Haussman, who invites the girls out for a night of dancing at a chic club -- on the shores of Lake Geneva. But before the music ends, the mystery begins . and Franz's life hangs in the balance! Soon after Franz receives a death threat, Nancy finds herself in the eye of an Alpine storm of romantic intrigue, family scandal, and big-business blackmail. Nancy's summer abroad is just getting started, but Franz draws her into a world of jealousy, ambition, and greed as dark and twisting as the medieval streets of old-town Geneva.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Rendezvous in Rome (73) For Sale
Part two of the exciting trilogy--composed of three individual mysteries--that takes Nancy and her friends to Europe. In the ancient, romantic city of Rome, Nancy, Bess, and George have their hearts set on amore galore. Instead, they find themselves hot on the trail of a dangerous jewel thief.

Greek Odyssey (74) For Sale
The final installment of this romantic trilogy finds Nancy and her friends in a sea of danger as they journey to the exotic Greek islands. Three passports, including Bess's, have been stolen from the girls' hotel, and Nancy suspects they have fallen into the hands of international fugitives.

A Talent For Murder (75) For Sale
During a visit with Ned's married cousin in San Francisco, an employee at the Coast's hottest talent agency, Nancy investigates the mysterious deaths of the rich and famous.

Perfect Plot (76) For Sale
Nancy's weekend at the former estate home of the late, great mystery writer Dorothea Burden turns out to be much more than an innocent exercise in fictional felonies when several jewel-encrusted figurines are stolen.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Danger on Parade (77) For Sale
Nancy and Bess are thrilled to be invited behind the scenes of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, until Nancy learns that there is a plot to sabotage the entire event.

Update on Crime (78) For Sale
Undercover as an investigative reporter, Nancy Drew attempts to find out who is trying to do away with WRVH-TV anchorman Hal Taylor and finds that the station is rife with greed and corruption.

No Laughing Matter (79) For Sale
Something funny's going on at the hot, new comedy club, Over The Rainbow. The club's accountant has been sent to jail for embezzlement, and Nancy--convinved that he was framed--embarks on an investigation which uncovers an illegal gambling operation. And Nancy soon learns the players in this dirty game have a very nasty sense of humor.

Power of Suggestion (80) For Sale
Nancy and Bess are visiting Ned at college on the weekend of the year's biggest frat party. But tragedy strikes when a research assistant is found dead--and Parker, Ned's brother, is the #1 suspect!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Making Waves (81) For Sale
Nancy finds that clear sailing can lead into rough seas . . . when murder muddles the waters. Andy Devereux invites Nancy, Ned, and Bess to a sailing regatta near his family's estate in Annapolis, Maryland. Andy is the co-owner of a boat-designing company, and he all but guarantees that his boat will win the cup. But his hopes -- and his life -- are suddenly blown off course when the police arrest him for murder! Andy's partner Nick Lazlo, has vanished at sea, his boat stained with blood and riddled with bullet holes. Nancy's investigation into the company reveals that the business had a strange and unsavory side -- both personally and financially. In a case of missing money, missing boats, and missing bodies, the most dangerous discovery of all may be the truth!

Dangerous Relations (82) For Sale
Nancy's in Sarasota, Florida, winter site of the Grand Royal Circus, to help trapeze artist Natalia Petronov look into her heritage. Adopted as an infant, Natalia is now determined to find her real father. But as Nancy searches for clues in a shadowy past, one thing becomes instantly clear in the present: Natalia's life is at risk! Natalia flies through the air with the greatest of ease -- until someone messes with her trapeze. And whoever's playing tricks is definitely not clowning around. The circus of danger is about to begin, and in the center ring lies a deadly secret. The search for the truth could lead Natalia -- or Nancy -- to take a hard fall . . . without a net!

Diamond Deceit (83) For Sale
An urgent message from Bess draws Nancy to beautiful Carmel, California. Fading movie star Joanna Burton has accused jeweler Marcia Cheung of replacing the diamonds in her necklace with fakes. But the case of the missing stones turns even more sinister when Ms. Burton ends up on the rocks -- at the bottom of a cliff! What led the actress to such a tragic final scene? Who pushed her over the edge? For Nancy, it's a murder mystery with more twists and turns than the Pacific Coast Highway, and she knows she's in a race against time. She must find the stolen diamonds before the killer strikes again -- perhaps to put her on ice!

Choosing Sides (84) For Sale
River Heights is about to elect a new mayor and every candidate will have to take a stand on crime. But Nancy's choice, District Attorney Caroline Hill, apparently doesn't have a leg to stand on. Small-time hoodlum Bobby Rouse has implicated the DA in a bribery scandal, threatening her integrity and her chances for victory. Nancy's convinced that Caroline is the victim of a frame-up, but before finding the proof, she has another victim on her hands -- Bobby Rouse, victim of murder. Politics can be a dirty business, and it's up to Nancy to root out the corruption. Fearing that the election will be decided not by ballots but by bullets, Nancy knows this is one race she can't afford to lose.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Sea of Suspicion (85) For Sale
A high-stakes treasure hunt plunges Nancy into a sea of danger . . . and murder. In Key West, Nancy sets sail on the Lady Jane in search of a wrecked Spanish galleon. When the owner of the ship is charged with murder, however, Nancy suspects a set-up.

Let's Talk Terror (86) For Sale
Everybody's talking about "Marcy," Chicago's hip new teen TV talk show, and Nancy has tickets to see it live. When host Marcy Robbins grabs the mike and goes on the air there's sure to be plenty of fast talk and shock-filled fireworks. But the biggest surprise of all is directed straight at Marcy: an anonymous threat on her life! Professional rivalry . . . personal jealousy . . . crazy love . . . relationships out of control. . . . They're not the topics of Marcy's show, they're just a small sample of the secret intrigue churning and burning behind the scenes. Nancy's digging up all the dirt, searching for the single obsession powerful enough to incite a passion for murder!

Moving Target (87) For Sale
After catching a jewel thief in the act, Nancy hopes to steal a little time for herself. A three-day bike ride with Ned, George, and a group of Emerson College students seems the perfect escape -- until a series of "accidents" puts them all on a definite downhill course. And to add insult to injury, the rider most at risk is Nancy's friend George! But why would someone want to harm George -- a girl who has never hurt anyone? Nancy knows she'll have to find answers quickly before the trip takes a dangerous detour and her friend's ten-speed spins out of control. A deadly secret has come along for the ride, and getting it out in the open may be the only way to save George's life!

False Pretenses (88) For Sale
When her father's co-worker is murdered, Nancy sets out to find the killer. The victim has left a long list of enemies to work from, but the people in River Heights have their own ideas about who is responsible. Nancy is desperate to prove them wrong.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Designs in Crime (89) For Sale
Beau Winston is a hot name in fashion, and he's invited Nancy Drew into his New York studio to find out who is stealing his original designs. But now he has suffered an even greater loss -- one that threatens to destroy his reputation. Someone has made off with his most prized creation: a wedding gown custom-made for heiress Joanna Rockwell. Nancy's investigation draws her into a web of hidden motives and twisted ambitions. She uncovers a pattern of intrigue, betrayal, and revenge stretching from Manhattan's Garment District to the Fifth Avenue triplex of the billionaire Rockwell family. And every new thread in the case leads to an increase in danger: for the thief of fashions is now dressed to kill!

Stage Fright (90) For Sale
Famed actress Evelyn Caldwell has put her career and her money on the line. Her ambition is to transform a Connecticut barn into a big-time theater. But the play she has in production may turn into a real barn-burner: Someone has threatened to bring the house down -- in a single burst of flame! That's when Nancy gets into the act. Together with Ned and George, she's come to the New England countryside to search behind the scenes for a saboteur. She also begins to suspect that a certain female cast member is out to sabotage something else: her own relationship with Ned. The plot is heating up and Nancy's the one who stands to get burned!

If Looks Could Kill (91) For Sale
Supermodel Martika Sawyer has invited Nancy Drew to the grand opening of Cloud Nine--her health spa and resort on a private Caribbean island. But there's serious trouble in the tropical paradise. A fantasy world of blue skies, white sands, and emerald waters, Cloud Nine has suddenly come under siege, its future threatened by a tidal wave of crime. Martika's guest list sparkles with celebrities: famous financiers, champion athletes, movie stars. But beneath the glitter lurks a shocking secret and a twisted plot. Nancy's investigation into the conspiracy leads her into a web of jealousy, greed, and deception in which the ultimate intrigue is murder!

My Deadly Valentine (92) For Sale
Nancy has come to Emerson College to spend Sweetheart Week with Ned. But this year's festivities take an ugly turn when the campus sweetheart, Rosie Lopez, is knocked over the head and threatened with worse. When Nancy goes after the attacker, she becomes the next target.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Hotline to Danger (93) For Sale
Nancy has volunteered to work the phones for the Help Is Here teen hotline--a crisis-control center for those with troubles at home, at school, in love. But she receives one call that requires more than a sympathetic ear. An anonymous female voice directs Nancy to a deserted neighborhood, where she finds the body of Paul Remer, another volunteer at the teen center. Nancy knows that more is at stake than solving the case. She could also save a life. For the murderer has one chance to escape detection: get to the witness before Nancy does. But to find the killer, she must first identify the caller, and time is rapidly running out -- not only for Nancy, but for the girl on the other end of the line.

Illusions of Evil (94) For Sale
Nancy has come to Riverfront amusement park at the invitation of famed illusionist Adriana Polidori. Having inherited the park after her uncle's tragic death, Adriana now finds herself on a roller-coaster ride of terror. For Riverfront has suddenly been transformed into a world of delusion, deception, and potential disaster! The danger begins with the sabotage of Adriana's magic act and quickly spreads throughout the complex. Squeals of joy turn to shrieks of fear as the park's rides spin out of control. To rescue Riverfront, Nancy knows she'll have to work some magic of her own. A dirty trickster is on the loose, bent on making Adriana disappear . . permanently!

An Instinct for Trouble (95) For Sale
Nancy joins her boyfriend Ned's expedition to Yellowstone National Park to research the marmot. But the natural wonders of Yellowstone have turned into a setting for unnatural danger as the furry little mammal becomes the focus of human greed.

Runaway Bride (96) For Sale
Nancy's in Tokyo to attend the wedding of her friend, Midori Kato, but the guests are greeted with a most shocking announcement--the bride has disappeared. Will Nancy's sleuthing enable Midori to keep her wedding date, or is it already too late?

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Squeeze Play (97) For Sale
Nancy Drew comes to the aid of Sean Reeves, the star pitcher of the River Heights Falcons, when his young daughter is kidnapped and the price of her release is for him to lose the championship game.

Island of Secrets (98) For Sale
Helping her friend with summer fieldwork at Block Island, Nancy comes across the murdered body of hustler Tom Haines, whose seedy dealings stir up a whole island of suspicion for Nancy to dig through.

Cheating Heart (99) For Sale
A few days at Emerson College is just what Nancy needs. After a long summer of travel, she has a lot of catching up to do with Ned Nickerson. But their sweet reunion suddenly takes a very sour turn. A scandal has erupted on campus, and Nancy's forced to ask some painful questions--questions that could ultimately lead to Ned's expulsion from college! Never has Nancy faced a more painful investigation. Will it turn Ned against her? Will it destroy her weekend roommate's budding romance with another prime suspect? Breaking the case may break hearts--even her own--but Nancy can't afford not to take the risk: for lurking behind the scandal is a secret turning into a dangerous obsession!

Dance Till You Die (100) For Sale
Bess has landed a job at the Razor's Edge dance club, and she's invited Nancy to check it out. With a wild young crowd, crazy costumes, and a handsome DJ spinning the tunes, it's the kind of place where anything can happen--and soon does. First, the blackout, followed by a scream; then comes the shocking discovery: Bess has disappeared!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Picture of Guilt (101) For Sale
Nancy's spending Thanksgiving in Paris, the city of light, love...and mystery. Her neighbor is Ellen Mathieson, a professor whose study of painter Josephine Solo has suddenly taken a dark and disturbing turn. Ellen's research assistant is dead--killed in an accident exactly like the one that took Solo's life six months before! Josephine Solo left a legacy of secrecy and scandal...even the possibility of a double life. But Nancy begins to suspect that some of the professor's students also have something to hide. Paris is full of powerful temptations--forbidden romance, secret passions, financial greed--any one of which could lead to a motive for murder.

Counterfeit Christmas (102) For Sale
When crime crashes in, Nancy finds that the money may be fake, but the danger is all too real! Bess has gotten a real surprise for Christmas: two crisp new twenties that turn out to be fake. Her aunt, who works at River Heights magazine, unwittingly passed them along, and Nancy's out to trace the funny money to is source. But there's one very big distraction: suspect Stuart Teal. He has looks to die for...and clearly has designs on Nancy. Stuart may want to corner the market on Nancy's affections, but she can't afford to take the chance...especially when another top suspect is found dead. Drawn into a world where greed rules and life isn't worth a plug nickel. Nancy has no choice but to keep her eye on the bottom line. She's searching for a counterfeiter who fits the bill of a murderer.

Heart of Ice (103) For Sale
Vacationing in Washington state, Nancy and Ned discover that the owners of the Alpine Adventures guide service have been victims of a terror campaign and Nancy must go to the top of Mount Rainier to solve the case.

Kiss and Tell (104) For Sale
Esme Moore, America's hottest romance writer, has come to River Heights, and the rumors are swirling. She's written her autobiography, a book of true confessions, and the scandals are sure to explode off the page. But someone has vowed to kill the book--or Esme--before her revelations come to light. It's up to Nancy to find the source of the threat. Speaking of scandals, Nancy may be on the verge of starting one of her own. A handsome young River Heights detective has joined her on the case, and Nancy's beginning to wonder if romance is simply in the air. But for now, she must attend to the intrigue at hand: the web of jealousy, suspicion, and betrayal that threatens to destroy Esme Moore.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Stolen Affections (105) For Sale
Ever since working on a case with handsome River Heights detective Sam Fanelli, Nancy has wanted to get to know him better. But not like this, not under these circumstances. They've come together once again to work on an investigation--one that could prove both painful and perilous: the kidnapping of an eight-year-old boy. Third-grader Jeremy Wright is caught in a custody battle between his movie star mother and paternal grandfather. In the midst of the legal disputes, Jeremy disappears. Nancy and Sam know that the urgency and danger are growing by the minute. And time is running out fast: one of their top suspects has been found...murdered!

Flying Too High (106) For Sale
Investigating a naval flight trainee's death in a plane crash, which has been listed as an accident but is suspected to have ben caused by sabotage, Nancy finds her chief suspect in handsome fellow trainee Crash Beauford.

Anything For Love (107) For Sale
Jealousy. Passion. Ambition. The action on the top-rated soap Love and Loss is heating up, and it's all off camera. In New York City at the invitation of the assistant producer, Nancy is asked to look into a series of damaging leaks revealing the show's future story lines. But her investigation is suddenly interrupted by a shocking development.

Captive Heart (108) For Sale
Nancy's in Belize, on the Caribbean coast of Central America, to visit Ned on holiday--a perfect opportunity for romance. But perhaps not with each other! While tensions rise between Nancy and Ned, a different and more pressing kind of threat approaches from offshore--a gang of pirates hijacking million-dollar yachts. Nancy's never heard of a more bizarre band of buccaneers. Setting the yacht owners adrift in fully stocked lifeboats, they also pierce the right ears of the men aboard and insert a gold earring. The pirates may not be as polite as they seem, though, as Nancy soon discovers. For not only is her relationship with Ned at risk--so is her life!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Love Notes (109) For Sale
Nancy has come to Westbridge, Massachusetts, nestled in the Berkshire Mountains, to attend a world-famous piano competition. Soon after her arrival she discovers that one of the finalists, Ted Martinelli, has set his sights on something other than first prize. He has his eye on Nancy, and he's playing a very romantic tune... But for Nancy, the urgent question is: Will Ted survive the competition? Each of the three finalists has faced a deliberate and mysterious threat, and Nancy knows it's only a matter of time before one of them is hurt. . . or worse. She's uncovered a symphony of sabotage, ambition, and blackmail -- and the climax could prove deadly!

Hidden Meanings (110) For Sale
Attending a meeting of the Great Lakes High School Press Association at the prestigious River Heights Atrium Hotel, Nancy is called upon to investigate suspicious accidents surrounding Italian-born student Gina Fiorella.

The Stolen Kiss (111) For Sale
Emerson College is jumping, and Nancy and George are ready to party. There's a major bash at Ned's fraternity house and a gala art opening at the college museum. Michael Jared is one of America's hottest young artists--in more ways than one--and his new painting, First Kiss, has everyone talking. Especially the police, when it vanishes from the museum walls.

For Love or Money (112) For Sale
One of River Heights's richest and most respected citizens, Charles Pierce, has fallen in love.. .and fallen out with his family. He asked his beautiful and much younger housekeeper, Nila, to marry him, and his heirs fear getting cut out of his will. But Pierce now fears for Nila's life, and he asks Nancy to investigate the threat. With all of Pierce's money at stake, there's no shortage of suspects -- including his very handsome son, Philip. And Nancy has to wonder whether Philip's interest in her stems from affection, greed, or both. Either way, he spells trouble, and Nancy knows one thing for sure: by taking on this case, she's inherited a house full of danger!

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Wicked Ways (113) For Sale
Fashion Week at the River Heights mall and Bess is in heaven. She works at a boutique called "Wicked", and is about to make her modelling debut. But someone is taking designer jackets from the shop and Bess has fallen for one of the top suspects. All of which makes it a delicate case for Nancy.

Rehearsing for Romance (114) For Sale
The stage is set for disaster -- and Nancy's in the spotlight! Bess has landed a small part in a promising new Chicago play, and she's seeing stars for the hot young featured actor, Jordan McCabe. Nancy, however, sees only trouble. The play is a mystery, the theme is murder, and it soon becomes apparent that Nancy and Bess may both have starring roles in a deadly real-life drama. A mysterious fire backstage, a prop gun loaded with real bullets, and an anonymous threat on Bess's life put Nancy on notice that danger is waiting in the wings. Nancy's investigation turns up a whole cast of suspects... one of whom is determined to turn the final act into a major tragedy!

Running into Trouble (115) For Sale
Serving as undercover protectors for track star Samantha Matero, who suffered a suspicious accident, Nancy and George are alarmed when Samantha begins receiving threatening notes and phone calls that point to a team-wide conspiracy.

Under His Spell (116) For Sale
The day after an explosive fight between Sharon Krane and her boyfriend, Sharon is kidnapped, and Nancy Drew skeptically approaches the Extrasensory Convention and master telepath David LeGrand for help.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Skipping a Beat (117) For Sale
Nancy investigates after a smoke bomb goes off at a trendy new restaurant owned by the lead singer of a band.

Betrayed by Love (118) For Sale
Nancy's old friend Angela Chamberlain is getting married, and Nancy's come to her family's opulent Long Island estate to be a bridesmaid. But love and money can be a very volatile mix. It becomes clear, before the ink is dry on the invitations, that the date is set for danger and that Nancy will have to stand up for Angela in more ways than one. The romance between Angela and her fiance has suddenly taken an ugly turn. Sinister rumors, hints of scandal, and whispers of betrayal have begun to surface. With them come a series of near fatal "accidents" culminating in attempted murder. If Nancy doesn't uncover the culprit soon, Angela's dream wedding could end in a nightmare!

Against the Rules (119) For Sale
Nancy, Bess, and George have been invited to the Stafford Military Academy's gala centennial celebration, a weekend of dining and dancing with good-looking guys in uniform. But the festivities take an ugly and tragic turn when one good soldier -- Sergeant Stephanie Grindle -- becomes a casualty . . .of murder! Nancy's escort, Captain Nicholas Dufont, has the potential to be a major distraction. But this case requires all of her attention. Behind the military facade, Stafford is a hotbed of hidden rage and secret scandals. And someone at the academy is on a personal mission: Do anything to stop Nancy Drew from uncovering the truth!

Dangerous Loves (120) For Sale
There's mystery! There's romance! There's danger! A preview of coming movie attractions? No. It's a preview of the real world Nancy is about to enter as she hops a jet to Hollywood. Famed film director James Jackson, a friend of her father, has fallen victim to a blackmailer, and Nancy's on the scene.

Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art Nancy Drew Files Cover Art

Natural Enemies (121) For Sale
When Ned's invited to study at the Rocky Isle Marine Institute in Maine, Nancy joins him as a volunteer at the facility's aquarium. But Ned fears that a handsome tour guide is creating serious waves in their relationship. Nancy, however, has to deal with a different kind of storm -- one threatening to destroy the entire institute. Already in dire financial straits, the aquarium has lost its prized baby dolphin, and someone's demanding a million-dollar ransom. Is it Matt FaIton, animal-rights activist and major TV star? Nancy suspects that a deadlier human shark is on the prowl, and she'll take any risk -- even act as bait -- to ensure the dolphin's safe return!

Strange Memories (122) For Sale
Nancy's only clue to a crime is the victim's sketchbook, and as Nancy puts the pieces together a sinister picture begins to emerge. The victim is a budding artist and potential heiress trapped in a tangled web of deception, jealousy and greed. And hidden in the web is someone with a very long memory for murder.

Wicked for the Weekend (123) For Sale
Michael Wentworth, president of Ned's fraternity, has been invited to take part in a play. His role is that of murder victim. But somebody's added a dash of realism to the production--and a dash of real poison to his tea. Michael survives, but for how long? Nancy knows the drama is just beginning and that murder could still get into the act!

Crime at the Chat Cafe (124) For Sale
Nancy, Bess, and George have come to Santa Monica, California, to help open Lydia Rojas's restaurant, the Ch@t Cafe. But when someone knocks out Lydia's computer system, Nancy gets knocked out for asking too many questions. Now Nancy's out to snare the phantom hacker on the Web--before the computer saboteur downloads total disaster on Lydia and the cafe.