This series of books finds a more mature Nancy off at Wilder University along with Bess and George.
There's new romantic entanglements for all of them, with Nancy breaking up with Ned!
Nancy also keeps busy with a job as a reporter on the college newspaper, The Wilder Times.
For whatever the reason, this series never caught on and ended in 25 volumes.

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Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

New Lives, New Loves (1) For Sale - 1995
Nancy, Bess and George have set off on their greatest adventure--life in a coed dorm in their first semester at Wilder University. It's a world of new friends and new feelings, new hopes and new heartbreaks--a world away from River Heights.

On Her Own (2) For Sale
Nancy's breaking the story...and it's sure to break some hearts. Life at Wilder University is proving to be full of surprises and scandals. Bess is beginning to think that Brian Daglian is different from all the guys she's gone out with before...and she's about to find out why. And George has been asked out by the most popular guy around -- quarterback Scooter Berenson -- only to end up the most hated person on campus Nancy, meanwhile, has signed on with "Wilder Times," the university paper, and she may soon break a story about Scooter that could leave him in disgrace or even in danger. But first she must deal with Ned, who's coming up for the weekend. And the way she's feeling about her new life, his visit could mark the biggest break of all.

Don't Look Back (3) For Sale
Nancy's finding college life offers a large variety of social activities, but she still has to put in her time at the school paper. Her editor assigns her to interview her new suitemate, popular sitcom star Casey Fontaine. But Casey is being stalked by an obsessed fan and is afraid to tell anyone. Now, Nancy hass to help her find out who this guy is.

Tell Me the Truth (4) For Sale
Nancy's full of questions. Her budding romance with Peter Goodwin may shrivel if he doesn't tell the truth about his past. And someone has stolen a bio exam. If Nancy doesn't find out who, it could be Bess who faces failure. Nancy has her work cut out for her, but she's not about to fail the test.

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

Secret Rules (5) For Sale
At Wilder Times, Nancy is working on a story about a frat prank, but it's reporter Jake Collins who's giving Nancy plenty to think about. The problem is, she can't be sure if the guy is good news or bad news--or just a passing feature.

It's Your Move (6) For Sale - 1996
How do you keep cool when life is getting hotter by the minute? That's the question Nancy's asking, and she's having a tough time finding an answer. Like Bess, television star Casey Fontaine is pledging Kappa, and the whole sorority is in an uproar. The reason is, Casey's getting special treatment, and there could be an investigation...meaning Kappa is in serious danger of losing its charter. Meanwhile, the drama department's first play is opening, and Bess and Brian are in the cast. But someone's threatening to reveal a secret that could make Brian an outcast with his family. Nancy's offered to help...while dealing with a dilemma of her own. Lately romance has spelled trouble, and she wants to cool it. But with all the moves Jake is making, she's feeling the heat!

False Friends (7) For Sale
ometimes getting what you want isn't all it's cracked up to be... In training for the upcoming 10K race, George is working up a heavy sweat, determined to do well and ensure qualification for the track and field team. But at times winning can be deceiving, and Nancy's beginning to wonder if her promotion at "Wilder Times" is on the up and up...or if Jake's been pulling strings. Speaking of deception, what's the deal with REACH? Dawn Steiger has already joined the group, which promises to work for peace and understanding, but Nancy suspects REACH has a different goal and she's out to get the story. Bess, meanwhile, wants to know Paul Cody's story: Is he for real...or just another guy out for a good time?

Getting Closer (8) For Sale
Nancy's stunning expose in the "Wilder Times" about the cultlike group REACH is making headlines. But that's certainly not the only news on campus. The breaking story concerns Will Blackfeather, whose exhibit of Native American artifacts could turn into a disaster -- if Nancy doesn't find out who's stealing the show.For Bess, the story is Paul, who sent her on a treasure hunt, in which she's bound to make some unexpected discoveries. Ginny and Ray are also looking to find something special together...if her parents don't stand in the way. As for Nancy, item number one is still Jake. He's taking her out to celebrate her success, and if she's willing, he'll do it with a passion.

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

Broken Promises (9) For Sale
Nancy and Jake are on the organizing committee for the gala Black & White Nights fund-raising event. But now they've got something else to collaborate on--for the Wilder Times. Leslie's story is spreading across campus, and it's getting more shocking by the minute--her professor has turned up dead!

Party Weekend (10) For Sale
Bess's new boyfriend, Paul, is on the organizing committee of Black & White Nights, a weekend charity event featuring plenty of music, dancing, and games. Nancy and Jake, who've been together a lot lately, both volunteer to help out. The first night is a huge success, but before the party's over, the blast could go bust.

In the Name of Love (11) For Sale
Andy Rodriguez has given Nancy's suitemate Reva a token of his love--a bracelet with a gold charm. But Reva's life is anything but charmed. She's been mugged, and the incident has the entire Wilder Univeristy campus on edge. Nancy suspects there's more to the crime than meets the eye, and is determined to break the story and make sure the whole truth comes out.

Just the Two of Us (12) For Sale
Doing the right thing -- it can be the toughest test of all. Making choices. That's what college is all about. True or false? A, B, C, or none of the above. But sometimes you can't find the answer in a book. You have to search your heart. Charley Stern has popped the question, and now it's up to Casey to make her decision. The future is in her hands...but what does it hold? Stephanie has her hands full, too, trying to get her father's attention. Money can't buy love, but who knows what a credit card can do? Nancy, meanwhile, has found a cause -- animal rights -- and a cause for concern. But the movement may be headed in the wrong direction, leading Nancy into a trap.

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

Campus Exposures (13) For Sale
The focus at Wilder is on full exposure. . and setting the record straight. Nancy's suitemate Eileen O'Connor just can't seem to keep up with her friends. Her social life has gone south: No dates, no guys, no fun Football player Emmet Lehman could change all that. Sure, nobody's perfect, and maybe it's a big mistake, but he's smart, he's handsome, and he's asked Eileen to the upcoming party at her sorority. Nancy, too, is looking for two questions, both related to a campus film festival. 1) The truth behind an unsolved, three-decade-old crime -- a scandalous case in which a movie ended in murder. And 2) The reason for her attraction to one of the festival's organizers. His name is Terry Schneider, and he looks exactly like Ned.

Hard to Get (14) For Sale
It's time to party, and everyone on campus is playing games. What's with Emmet, anyway? Eileen just can't seem to figure the guy out. Great-looking, fun to be with, but just when the going is good, he's sure to say or do something guaranteed to kill the mood. And talking about awkward. The only thing Stephanie likes about her job is her manager, and she likes him a lot. Problem is, he may be running a major scam on the side. Maybe Nancy can get to the bottom of it...if she can find the time. She's got her hands full, running a scam of her own -- on Jake! One of his articles has been picked up by the Chicago Daily Herald and Nancy's planning a celebration. It'll involve secrecy, deception, maybe even a bit of melodrama, but if it works, it'll be a night Jake will never forget.

Loving and Losing (15) For Sale
Sure, love hurts. But speed kills. At Wilder, the pain is hitting home. A big-time cosmetics company is on campus looking for fresh faces to use in their ads, and both Pam and Reva are taking a shot. Rut their boyfriends, Jamal and Andy, aren't exactly offering support. In fact, the guys seem more interested in cutting the girls down. They act as if they know everything, but if they don't lighten up, they'll find out what it's like to lose a girlfriend. Nancy, meanwhile, is dealing with a real loss. Bess went looking for romance and found tragedy. A motorcycle ride with Paul was cut short by a hit-and-run driver. She was seriously injured -- and Paul was killed. Nancy knows there's no simple answer to her best friend's anguish, but she's determined to find the driver and make him answer for Paul's death.

Going Home (16) For Sale
Exams are finally over, and Nancy and George have big plans for the long weekend. They're heading home to River Heights, not only to check on Bess, who's in the hospital recuperating from her accident, but to spend time with Jake and Will -which means introducing the guys to their families. And they thought all the tests were done!

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

New Beginnings (17) For Sale
Even when your hopes are sky-high, the past can break your heart . . . . Bess has returned to Wilder, but she's far from her old self. Behind her brave smile, the tragic accident is still taking a secret toll. And while Bess is back on campus, George may be soon gone. Her tuition money has vanished in a scam, and if Nancy can't get to the bottom of it, George will have no choice but to drop out of school Jonathan, meanwhile, has come out and said the words Stephanie has longed to hear: "I love you." So why is she suddenly flirting with every guy she meets? Nancy, however, is just flirting with trouble. As good as things are with Jake, she's met someone who's brought back memories of the good old days.. .with Ned Nickerson.

Keeping Secrets (18) For Sale - 1997
All her life Stephanie's been looking for a guy like Jonathan. But now that she's found him, she's going out of her way to mess up -- and finding plenty of guys willing to help. Bess, meanwhile, can't get past the tragic loss of her boyfriend. But she may find the support and comfort she needs in the most surprising place. . . . The place to be, though, is Club Z and Nancy wants to check it out. She's working on an expose for Wilder Times that could put her at odds with her editor and with Jake. Everybody's feeling the pressure, and opening night at the club will be a time to blow off steam . . . or blow the lid off all the secrets on campus.

Love On-Line (19) For Sale
Soozie Beckerman thought her sorority sister Holly was crazy to surf the Internet for a date. And she seems to have found him--until Mr. Wonderful's messages start turning very, very weird. Nancy turns computer sleuth, and it may be easier to find a solution to Soozie's problem than her own--uncrossing the wires between her and Jake and her and Terry.

Jealous Feelings (20) For Sale
The heat's on between Nancy and Jake. Romance? No way. Anger? Jealously? Resentment? You bet! And just because Nancy went to the movies with Terry. Maybe it's time to cool it with Jake, like George is doing with Will. He thinks she's found another guy, too. But the truth is far more complicated...and far more scary!

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

Love and Betrayal (21) For Sale
Stephanie can't seem to get her love life on track. Loving Jonathan is no problem. Staying faithful is another story. Now she thinks she's found the perfect solution--marriage, and right away. Nancy says to take it slow. But then, who is she to talk? Lately, as far as romance goes, her track record hasn't been so hot either.

In and Out of Love (22) For Sale
After his breakup with Nancy, Jake swore no more dating, no more women, no more romance. But when beautiful Russian transfer student Nadia Karloff enters the picture, Jake decides to make an exception. There's just one catch: Dating Nadia means dealing with Nadia's suitemate -- Nancy Drew!

Otherwise Engaged (23) For Sale
TV station WWST is devoting an hour to campus news and views, and Nancy's running the show. Maybe. First, she has to deal with Michael Giannelli. He's smart, he's handsome, and he's got an ego the size of Lake Michigan. And he thinks he's running the show. But Nancy has big news for him, and even bigger stories to break.

In the Spotlight (24) For Sale
Nancy's co-host on the campus cable-TV show is driving her crazy. Michael is ambitious, stubborn, and so competitive. A bit like Nancy Drew? Maybe there's more going on between her and Michael than either cares to admit. Crazier things have happened.

Nancy Drew On Campus Cover Art

Snowbound (25) For Sale - 1998
Getting snowed in can be exciting, unpredictable, and a little dangerous. And at Wilder U., the fun and games are just beginning. Ray broke up with Ginny and pushed Montana away. Now he's having second thoughts - about both. But he may not get a second chance with either. He may just end up out in the cold.