Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys joined forces in this 36 volume series by Carolyn Keene published by Simon & Schuster under their Archway imprint.
The stories seem geared more toward Nancy Drew fans than Hardy Boys fans and are aimed at early-to-mid teen readers, similar to the Casefiles or Nancy Drew Files.
There are 4 basic cover design styles for these books.
Style 1: Volumes 1-10  Style 2: Volumes 11-21  Style 3: Volumes 22-28  Style 4: Volumes 29-36
Although I have assigned volume numbers, the books themselves are unnumbered.
Hardcover rebindings, primarily for library use, made by Demco and others have been observed.
Morgan Kane 1
Linda Thomas 2
James Mathewuse 3-6
Frank Morris 7-16
Alfons Kiefer 17-19
Vince Natalie 20-21
Brian Kotsky 22-28
Jon Paul 29
Franco Accornero 30-36

Highlighted Titles Are Available For Sale From

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

01: Double Crossing - 1988 For Sale
Nancy Drew is enjoying a luxury cruise aboard the ship where her friend George is the new social director. It seems like great fun until Nancy overhears a plan to sell CIA secrets to another country. Meanwhile . . . the Hardy Boys are working undercover on the same cruise ship trying to track down a dangerous group of thieves who prey on rich passengers.

02: A Crime for Christmas For Sale
Nancy Drew is in New York to join the Hardy Boys on an important case. They're conducting an intense manhunt for a pair of big-time cat burglars. And they're sure the daring criminal duo will try to scoop up a special prize -- the spectacular crown jewels of Sarconne, which are on display at a museum. MEANWHILE... Nancy's best friend Bess is enjoying the holiday season with a dream date -- a handsome and mysterious guy called John. To impress Bess, John takes the gang on a torrid tour of Manhattan's fabulous nightlife. Their fling includes everything from horse-drawn carriages in Central Park to drawn guns at the Park Avenue Hotel. But with political forces set to blow apart a gala U.N. dinner, Nancy, Frank, and Joe are suddenly trapped between hot rocks and a royal disaster.

03: Shock Waves - 1989 For Sale
Nancy Drew and her boyfriend, Ned, are among the guests invited to plush Padre Island, on the Gulf Coast. Everyone's geared up for spring break, including Frank and Joe Hardy. The brother detectives happen to be staying at the home of wealthy friend Buck Calhoun. While scuba diving, Buck makes a play for Nancy, which Ned intercepts. But the games end when Buck finds a sunken wreck -- and a very dead body. MEANWHILE... Padre Island's social set is raided by a squad of resort sharks. The sophisticated crime ring has ripped off a fortune in loot. But they've never left a clue -- until they snatch a pair of melted keys belonging to Joe Hardy. The worthless keys have deep personal value for the young sleuth. And he vows to track them down -- no matter what the risk.[.

04: Dangerous Games For Sale
An urgent message draws NANCY DREW and her friends to the International Championship Games in California. It seems a mysterious figure called the Black Knight wants to force star athletes off the track and into the hospital. But when Nancy starts to dif for clues, the young sleuth finds she is a moving target in a high risk event -- where any mistake is fatal. MEANWHILE... the Hardy Boys show up at the games to help beef up security -- and uncover a scandal. Along with acts of sabotage, there's evidence of illegal steoid use by certain athletes. But Frank and Joe's most critical problem is the Black Knight. The murderous phantom is about to deal a deathblow to the competition. And the brother detectives are top picks for the all-victim squad.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

05: The Last Resort For Sale
Nancy Drew is called to be part of a dream team of super sleuths at a glamorous winter playground. Major rock star Brad MacDougal is shooting a big-budget video at fabulous Mount Mirage, and owner Ken Harrison is worried. The deadly prankster who's been plaguing the resort may target the video for sabotage. MEANWHILE... the Hardy Boys have also been asked to join the security force. At first Nancy, Frank, and Joe manage to cover all bases and have fun doing it. Joe even gets close to country singer Roseanne James. Then a music mogul is found murdered. Suddenly the posh playground becomes a combat zone where rock stars and billionaires rub elbows with cold-blooded killers. And where someone has scheduled the teen trio to check out sooner than planned

06: The Paris Connection - 1990 For Sale
Nancy Drew flies to Paris to help rock idol Johnny Crockett. His World Hunger Rock Tour is being attacked by a rash of vicious pranks that threaten to shut down the charity event. As soon as Nancy arrives she find that the problem may be more than a simple case of dirty tricks. The tour's financial records ahve been stolen -- and the handsome rock star could be facing a career-ending scandal. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are in Paris for a conference on art thefts. After bumping into Nancy at the airport, the brother detectives run into a bundle of heavy trouble. They spot their old nemesis Fiona Fox and realize that the City of Lights is about to be hit by a one-girl crime wave. And to make things worse, Joe seems dazzled by the lovely cat burglar

07: Buried in Time For Sale
Nancy Drew heads west to help archeologist Tod Langford investigate a series of thefts and threats interrupting his work. A young Native American woman, Red Sky Winsea, claims that he has disturbed the dead, desecrating a sacred Indian burial site. But the morning after Nancy's arrival, she learns that Tod has unearthed more than a poltergeist. For the burial ground has become a killing ground -- and Langford had dug his own grave. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are checking out a nearby air force base. A vital shipment has been hijacked, and the materials could be used to build an atom bomb! The trail leads to the indian burial site. But Joe is distracted by the beautiful Sky and seems to have lost sight of the danger. If the missing shipment falls into the wrong hands, true evil may rise up from the grave, with catastrophic results

08: Mystery Train For Sale
Nancy Drew joins some of the best minds in the mystery field to help crack a famous unsolved case: the theft of the Comstock diamond. A private train will take the elite group from Chicago to San Francisco, the same route taken by the jewel thief fifteen years before. But someone is out to derail the search for the clues and send Nancy on a chilling cross-country ride to terror. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy climb on board, lured by the promise of a $25,000 reward for whoever finds the diamond. Instead they find trouble: an open-air fist fight atop the speeding train, a runaway locomotive, and a beautiful gem of a different kind -- actress Kate Harkins. Joe is dazzled by her entrance -- and stunned by her exit. The teen detective suspect she's been kidnapped, and it soon becomes clear they've all been ticketed for disaster.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

09: Best of Enemies - 1991 For Sale
The Berlin Wall has come tumbling down, and a major American agent -- code-named the Swallow -- wants to come home. On a top-secret mission for the Network, THE HARDY BOYS head to Memphis, where a mystery man named Pritchitt has promised to turn the agent over for a price. But a ruthless German spymaster, known only as Klaus, has vowed to beat Frank and Joe to the punch -- and shott Swallow out of the sky. MEANWHILE... Nancy Drew comes to the aid of Beau Davis, a guy with a bad case of the Memphis Blues. Accused of stealing a guitar once belonging to Elvis, he is now a prime suspect in a more ominous matter -- the murder of Pritchitt! In a case as twisty and treacherous as a Mississippi River current, Frank and Joe and Nancy are headed for a stunning rendezvous and revelation...

10: High Survival For Sale
Nancy Drew and a small group of adventurers hike into the Wyoming wilderness to sharpen their survival skills. But the higher they climb into the remote and rugged Rockies, the more perilous the risks become. Nancy suspects that the mounting dangers are more than mere accidents of nature -- and that they adventurers are headed for the most deadly survival test of all. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy, responding to Nancy's call for help, confirm her worst suspicions. The mountain is the focus of a million-dollar criminal enterprise, and a gangland mob has cut the expedition off from the outside world. An accomplice inside the group is leading them on a true trek to terror, and it's up to the three intrepid sleuths to blaze a trail to safety.

11: New Year's Evil For Sale
Nancy Drew heads for Quebec City to investigate sabotage on the set of the romantic TV thriller Dangerous Loves. But the action behind the scenes is far more chilling than anything on camera. Somebody is secretly determined to turn the film into a flop. The movie's title adds an ominous twist to the case when Bess falls for its very attractive star -- one of Nancy's prime suspects. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are also in Quebec for the Winter Carnival's spectacular auto ice-racing event. But they soon find themselves in a race of their own -- to catch a murderer! Racing champion Andre Junot has turned up dead. At the same time a photographer from the movie set has turned up missing. Nancy, Frank, and Joe form a single resolution: infiltrate the criminal conspiracy.

12: Tour of Danger For Sale
Nancy Drew'S two-week tour of Japan has taken a sudden ominous turn. Checking into her Tokyo hotel, whe watches in amazement as an elderly woman is surrounded by the police and accused of smuggling. The lady's souvenir vase has been smashed to the floor, revealing hundreds of stolen pearls! Nancy's convinced that the woman has been set up and that now the members of her tour group are in peril as well -- innocent victims of a far-flung criminal conspiracy! MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are in Tokyo, working undercover at Amsa Unc., a huge Japanese electronics conglomerate. Someone has been knocking off cheap imitations of the company's high-tech line and selling them in America under teh Amsa name. When the Hardys hook up with Nancy, they discover that Japan is a land of exotic sights and extraordinary entertainments -- Kabuki theater, sumo wrestlers, and lively nightclubs -- but also a world of mystery and menace.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

13: Spies and Lies - 1992 For Sale
Nancy Drew has gone undercover at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Her mission: protect Judy Noll, Bureau trainee, daughter of a powerful senator, and apparent target of an assassin. But Nancy's investigation takes a sinister and surprising turn when Judy's roommate is murdered. Like Judy and Nancy, the victim was tall, slim and had reddish blond hair. Nancy decides the only way to catch the killer is to set herself up as a target! MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are also posing as trainees to expose a corrupt FBI agent in an industrial espionage scheme. Huge illegal kickbacks are at stake, and the boys discover that the dirty money could cost lives. The integrity of the FBI hands in the balance as Nancy, Frank and Joe follow a twisted trail of treachery and tragedy, bribery adn blackmail... in SPIES AND LIES."

14: Tropic of Fear For Sale
Soon after checking into Honolulu's Grand Hawaiian Hotel, Nancy Drew and her friends find their vacation on shaky ground. Powerful forces of greed and corruption have put the posh hotel at the eye of a gathering storm, and millions, perhaps billions, of dollars are at stake. The undercurrent of mystery and menace bursts to the surface when Nancy finds a man lying a step away from her rental jeep---with a bullet in his back. MEANWHILE... The surfs up at Waikiki, and Frank & Joe Hardy are riding the waves. They're working undercover, trying to infiltrate an elusive gang of thieves. The investigation leads the boys straight into the Grand Hawaiian Hotel! Finding a connection between their case and Nancy's suddenly takes on a life-and-death urgency when the teens find themselves trapped on a volcano, about to be swallowed by the flow of devouring molten TROPIC OF FEAR

15: Courting Disaster - 1993 For Sale
It's spring break, and the sparks are flying in Charleston, South Carolina. Terry Alford, a top television veejay, is starring in the hot new Broadway-bound rock musical Beauty and the Beat, and she's invited Nancy Drew backstage to catch her smash act. But southern hospitality takes a nasty turn when a masked intruder makes a startling, show stopping entrance, throwing the production and Terry's life into dire jeopardy. MEANWHILE... On an island resort just off the Carolina coast, the Hardy Boys are trying to keep tennis superstar and superbrat Pat Flynn out of harm's way. He's being stalked by an unknown assailant determined to knock him off the court for good. Nancy, Frank and Joe soon discover that they're dealing with a matched set: Pat Flynn and Terry Alford are one of the hottest celebrity items around. They're looking for romance but finding COURTING DISASTER.

16: Hits and Misses For Sale
When Bess lands a shot at stardom on a nationally televised talent show, Nancy Drew lands in the middle of a mystery as big as Manhattan. She agree to take the case of an amnesia victim -- a young woman known only as Jane Doe. In trying to piece Jane's life together, Nancy has but two clues to her identity: the music in her blood ... and the danger in her past. A single event is etched in Jane's memory: staring down the barrel of an assailant's gun. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy have hooked up with Angelique, the hot new recording star who lately has been singing the blues. Someone's cutting in on her action ot the tunr of $2 million in cash, and its clearly an inside job. In pursuit of the missing money, the Hardy's will have to bare the facts behind the business of rock 'n' roll. And Nancy Drew may provide the biggest break of all: the shocking, potentially fatal turh about the connection between Angelique and Jane Doe.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

17: Evil in Amsterdam For Sale
George's childhood friend Merissa Lang is getting married, and George and Nancy Drew have come to Holland to meet her fiancé. The marriage is a fairy tale come true: Prince Andrei, the groom-to-be, has lots of old-world charm and untold riches. But this is one fairy tale that may come to a tragic end: Merissa, an investigative reporter, is nowhere to be found. Nancy suspects that Merissa's latest project -- a story probing the dark secrets of one of the Netherlands' most respected citizens -- has put her life at risk. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are working undercover for the U.S. Treasury. A Cache of gold bullion, stolen fifty years ago by Nazi soldiers, has been traced to the Netherlands. But the brothers' investigation in Amsterdam begins on a chilling note: The one man who might lead them to the gold is murdered. And they've spotted their top suspect at the castle estate of Prince Adrei! Is there a connection between the stolen gold and the missing Merissa? For Nancy, Frank, and Joe, the answer is tangled in enduring loyalties and fatal betrayals..

18: Desperate Measures - 1994 For Sale
An urgent call from longtime friend Molly Keegan brings Nancy Drew to Arlington, Virginia, outside Washington D.C. Molly's father, Lambert Keegan, a top scientist at Tercon Industries, has suddenly vanished, and the only clue to his whereabouts is a scribbled reminder of an afternoon meeting at the Reflecting Pool in the nation's capital. Nancy arrives at the rendezvous just in time to spot someone who looks like Lambert with a woman...moments before the woman is shot! MEANWHILE... As the man flees into the crowd, Nancy returns to find none other than Frank Hardy administering to the victim's wound. THE HARDY'S, who have just flown in from Florida, also hoped to talk to the woman, an official with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. A monster hurricane has destroyed a friend's new resort. The reason: a faulty product manufactured by Tercon Industries! Nancy, Frank, and Joe head to Lambert's remote mountain cabin in search of answers: Is Molly's father the author of the conspiracy -- or its next target?

19: Passport to Danger - 1994 For Sale
Nancy Drew has traveled to the charming Mexican town of San Miguel Allende to help Helen and David Oberman avert a disastrous criminal scandal at their prestigious art school. The Obermans have learned that the campus has become a focal point of counterfeiters. Someone is producing bogus green cards, which will be used to exploit and smuggle illegal aliens into the United States. MEANWHILE... the Hardy Boys have also made their way south to visit the Perelis family in Mexico City. It began as a pleasure trip, but when a priceless Mayan jade mask is stolen from the Perelis art gallery, Frank and Joe get down to business. Discovering an intriguing connection between the theft and the forgers in San Miguel, Nancy and the boys must act quickly to trace the connection to its source -- and find the shocking truth behind the ancient mask of mystery.

20: Hollywood Horror For Sale
Nancy Drew has come to the entertainment capital of the world to see the sights and catch the city's celebrities in action. But when she attends a taping of the sitcom Sunny-Side Up, danger soon steals the show. Not only does she prevent a crazed fan from rushing onto the stage, she also discover that another more desperate and more determined stalker is on the loose. Target: television star Marla Devereaux. MEANWHILE: Hollywood Gold Studios, producer of Sunny-Side Up, faces a dire threat of its own. Its new high-tech theme park has come under attack from a saboteur. Frank & Joe Hardy have gone undercover to catch the creator of the deadly special effects -- before disaster strikes. For Nancy and the Hardy boys, digging up the real dirt beneath the glitter could prove to be the most dangerous act of all.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

21: Copper Canyon Conspiracy For Sale
Nancy Drew is in Tucson to watch her friend George run in the Cactus Marathon. Among the entrants is Tasio Humada, a Tarahumara Indian from Mexico, who is also running for his life. He has received several death threats, possibly tied to his people's dispute with the lumber mills in his country, and Nancy decides to see him safely back to Mexico. But her help may have come too late. Soon after crossing the border, Tasio is arrested for murder of a powerful logging baron. MEANWHILE... JOE HARDY, who also ran in the marathon, and his brother, FRANK, head to the sprawling ranch belonging to the family of Cory Weston. For while the threats were directed at Tasio, it was Cory, running at his side, who paid the price, nearly killed by a boulder thrown in his path. As the truth behind the attacks gradually unfolds, Nancy and the Hardys expose a tangle of greed, bribery, and corruption stretching from southern Arizona to the Sierra Madre.

22: Danger Down Under - 1995 For Sale
Mick Devlin, who once sought to romance Nancy Drew, now seeks her help in solving a mystery. His good friend Nellie Mabo, an Australian aborigine, has made a disturbing discovery. A tjuringa board, and ancient artifact sacred to her tribe, is missing. Nancy suspects Ian and Marian Royce, owners of an opal mine who are feuding with Nellie's people over land rights. But Nancy's search for the lost tjuringa leads to a sudden and startling revelation. MEANWHILE... Nancy hooks up with Frank & Joe Hardy on a rugged hike into the outback. But the expedition soon turns into a perilous confrontation with raging brushfires, poisonous snakes, and near-fatal gunshots. First, the trio learns that a poacher is on the loose, killing off the country's rarest species. then comes news of a theft at the opal mines -- a crime the Royces blame on Nellie Mabo! Hot in pursuit of the real desert desperadoes, Nancy, Frank, and Joe are directly in the line of fire.

23: Dead on Arrival For Sale
A romantic dinner leads to danger when Nancy Drew and Ned are interrupted by reporter Brenda Carlton. Pam Harter, an ace investigative journalist at Brenda's paper, has dropped out of sight, and it's up to Nancy to pick up the pieces. But the story has a tragic ending. A muffled message on Harter's answering machine points Nancy to a deserted construction site -- and to the discover of Pam's body. MEANWHILE... the Hardy Boys are working undercover on the River Heights Rescue Squad as Emergency Medical Technicians. It seems someone has been holding up ambulances and stealing bodies! And on of Frank and Joe's very first calls is to the site of Pam Harter's murder. The Hardys soon realize that they must uncover the gruesome truth behind the body snatching before Nancy and Ned get a personal demonstration of the shocking notice for murder.

24: Target for Terror For Sale
Nancy Drew has come to San Francisco at the urgent request of Tim An, president of the small island nation of Philonesia. His beloved niece, Soong An, a promising violinist, has been the target of several kidnapping attempts. The motive may be an upcoming musical competition ... or the political turmoil in her homeland. But in this city of mist and mystery, one truth emerges: Soong An's life is on the line! MEANWHILE... A Violent outbreak of sabotage has drawn Frank & Joe Hardy to the campus of San Francisco University. Posing as visiting student activists, the Hardys infiltrate Ethics Now, and animal rights group threatening to disrupt laboratory research. But as the experiments in terror grow increasingly explosive, the boys uncocer a disturbing connection between the case and one particular student: Soong An. The investigation soon draws Nancy, Frank, and Joe into a web of danger and deception

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

25: Secrets of the Nile For Sale
Frank & Joe Hardy...both married and on their honeymoon. Not! But State Department official Jonathan Kimball has asked them to travel y targeted for kidnapping by a terrorist group. There's only one catch: The boys quickly discover they've been set up. They've become pawns in a high-stakes game of international intrigue, deception, and betrayal! MEANWHILE... Posing as the Hardys' wives are Nancy Drew and her friend Bess Marvin, and they've been drawn into a desperate and dangerous game of their own. An American woman, her daughter abducted by her ex-husband, has asked for Nancy's help. But in this land of ancient tombs and mysteries, nothing is what it seems, and the truth lies buried in a snake pit of treachery.

26: A Question of Guilt - 1996 For Sale
Nancy Drew and her father, Carson, have come to Philadelphia to attend a meeting of the Vidocq Society, a group dedicated to the investigation of unsolved crimes. One of Carson's clients, Buff Bellamy, was recently tried for the slaying of Laurel Kenway, the ward of his uncle, real estate king Stafford Bellamy. Carson managed to get his client off on a technicality, but everyone -- except the Drews -- believes Buff got away with murder. Nancy's out to prove his innocence ... beyond a question of doubt. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy, and their father, Fenton, have come to the same meeting. Why? To prove beyond a doubt that Buff is guilty. Fenton investigated the crime, and the brothers found the evidence that convinced the district attorney to bring Buff to trial. It's a high-profile case in which Nancy, Frank, and Joe all have something to lose. But they all want the same thing: To find the real killer.

27: Islands of Intrigue For Sale
Nancy Drew and her friend Bess are vacationing in Greece, land of romance, history, and mystery. They befriend Alexis Constantine, daughter of a famous shipping magnate, and are invited to sail on the family's yacht in the Greek islands. But Nancy and Bess soon discover that they are headed into some dangerous waters. Alexis is kidnapped, and after a caller threatens to kill her if the police are notified, Nancy realizes that the young woman's fate is in her hands. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy have come to Greece at the behest of the ultrasecret Network. Their mission: Pursue a renegade American operative suspected of stealing a dozen superpowerful Phoenix missiles from a U.S. military base. Together with Nancy, the Hardy's set off on a spine-tingling Greek odyssey across a sea of duplicity, danger, and imminent destruction

28: Murder on the 4th of July For Sale
Nancy Drew is in Seattle to join in a weekend celebration of the Orca Odyssey, a whale-saving campaign. But the celebration is short-lived. Nancy has learned that the group itself is in danger of extinction. The reason: A major fund-raiser, businessman Ian O-Brien, has been accused of murder! Convinced O'Brien has been framed, Nancy begins her own investigation ... with the businessman's future and a potential million-dollar donation at stake. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy have just arrived in Seattle from Bayport. They've come at the request of a fireworks manufacturer preparing the city's Fourth of July exhibition: A saboteur has targeted the stage for an Independence Day disaster. Although Nancy and the Hardys may be working different cases, they seem to be working with the same evidence. Is the sabotage connected to the murder? As explosive as the question may be, the fireworks are just beginning.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

29: High Stakes For Sale
Nancy Drew has come to Saratoga, New York, playground of the rich and famous and home to some of the most valuable horses in the world, to visit her friend Eileen Reed. The visit takes a disturbing turn when Eileen's fiancé, Jimmy English, suddenly vanishes without a trace. A reporter for the local paper, he's the prime suspect in the theft of petty cash from his office. But Nancy suspects a deeper, darker motive behind his disappearance. Much more is at stake than a few dollars ... and even Jimmy's life may be at risk. MEANWHILE... At a glittering party preceding a big-money horse auction, Nancy runs into an unexpected pair: Frank & Joe Hardy. They've been hired as security for Goldenrod, a yearling expected to sell for two million dollars. But the jet set comes in for a hard landing when the party ends in murder! Searching for a kidnapper, a killer, and a connection between the crimes, Nancy, Frank, and Joe find that intrigue, deception, and danger are all part of the game.

30: Nightmare in New Orleans - 1997 For Sale
Nancy Drew is in New Orleans to celebrate the opening of an ultrachic Creole restaurant. The idea of the Royal Creole was cooked up by Nancy's friend Shelley and Shelley's new husband, chef Remy Maspero. They're so sure the restaurant will be a hit that they've gambled their savings, it may be up to Nancy to save them. Because someone is determined to sabotage the Royale Creole and turn it into a royal disaster. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy have come to New Orleans to investigate the theft of half a million dollars from a riverboat casino -- and the prime suspect is Remy Maspero! Passions are running high in the case, and they're about to run even higher when murder is added to the mix. Together with Nancy, the Hardys are taking the biggest gamble of all as some big dreams in the Big Easy threaten to turn into a Nightmare in New Orleans.

31: Out of Control For Sale
Indianapolis is the place to be in the week preceding the Indy 500 race, and NANCY DREW is eager to join in the excitement. First stop: the racetrack fashion shoot featuring sportswear designer Kate Cordova and supermodel Miranda Marott. And when Nancy steps in to save the shoot from major disaster, she earns the designer's gratitude and an invitation to a cool party. But a shocking twist threatens to cut the new friendship short -- when a federal agent steps in to arrest Kate! MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are working undercover on an Indy 500 pit crew. Their assignment: find out who's sabotaging driver Robbie McDonnell's racing team. They quickly discover that there's no room for error -- on the track or off. A sniper's bullet, a flash fire, and finally a deadly discover bring Nancy, Frank, and Joe together in a an investigation that leads to a million-dollar mystery and to murder, as crime spins out of control.

32: Exhibition of Evil For Sale
Nancy Drew and Bess are in Williamsburg, Virginia, where colonial America comes alive in a cluster of museums, villages, and theme parks. But for Nancy, the trip is not all fund and games. Dana Somers, a stunt diver at Big Splash Water Park, has received a series of death threats, and Nancy's determined to find out who's behind them. Has a rival diver set out to intimidate Dana? Has she been targeted by a stalker? The answer is murder. Frank & Joe Hardy are also on the scene, as members of the Second New York Regiment in a full-dress reenactment of the Battle of Yorktown. They've joined Frank's British pen pal, Colin MacDonald, who's taken the field in an enemy uniform. It's entertainment in the grand style -- until Colin falls in battle, killed in cold blood! Following a centuries-old trail of treachery, deceit, and betrayal, Nancy, Frank, and Joe find that two murders add up to one major mystery.

Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art Nancy Drew - Hardy Boys Super Mystery Cover Art

33: At All Costs For Sale
Nancy Drew is spending Thanksgiving at the University of Utah with her old Friend Allison Fernley. But the holiday gets off to a chilling start when Allison's boyfriend, Tyler Conklin, turns up missing, his apartment ransacked. With ties to a radical environmental group that has made big business its #1 target, Tyler has made some powerful enemies. Now, with billions of dollars at stake, Nancy fears that Tyler could end up paying with his life. MEANWHILE... Frank & Joe Hardy are working undercover just outside Salt Lake City at the site of the 2002 Winter Olympics. The sports venues have been plagued by sabotage, and the developers blame a band of ecoterrorists called Earth At All Costs -- which counts Tyler Conklin among its members. Is Conklin a criminal or a victim of crime? The search for answers leads Nancy, Frank, and Joe into a tangled web of financial intrigue, political corruption, and explosive action.

34: Royal Revenge For Sale
Cass Carroll is the new guy in Bess's life. But what's he hiding? And why is he on the run? Nancy Drew needs answers and needs them fast, before her friend ends up hurt. Finding the truth won't be easy. Cass lives in Little Panaslava, a section of town where secrecy is a way of life. Panaslavans have seen their own country torn apart by treachery, and now they trust no one. But the question is: Can Bess trust Cass -- a mystery man about to be named the prime suspect in a murder? MEANWHILE... An agent to the U.S. State Department has dispatched Frank & Joe Hardy on an ultrasecret, ultrasensitive operation. The mission: Track an international hit man targeting the exiled prince of Panaslava. But the Hardys don't know the identity of the assassin or of the prince, only their destination: River Heights! Nancy, Frank, and Joe slowly penetrate the wall of silence surrounding Little Panaslava -- and make a shocking discovery.

35: Operation Titanic - 1998 For Sale
Together with Bess, Nancy Drew is on a cruise to adventure -- a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the raising of the Titanic. But she has uncovered evidence that their ship may be under threat -- from a rogue CIA agent! As they follow the Titanic's fateful course into the icy waters of the North Atlantic, Nancy suspects that they too are on a voyage to disaster. MEANWHILE... A helicopter swoops down onto the deck of Nancy's ship. On board are Frank & Joe Hardy! Posing as journalists, they are in fact working undercover for the Network, the ultrasecret U.S. intelligence agency. Their mission: Unmask a master of disguise who is planning to use the ship to pull off a chilling terrorist act. For Nancy Drew and the Hardys, uncovering the explosive truth about what lies at the bottom of the ocean is just the tip of the iceberg.

36: Process of Elimination For Sale
Nancy Drew has come to Los Angeles with her friend Bess to attend an international conference of environmentalists. But Nancy soon finds that there are even more urgent issues to address, such as the apparent murder of one of the conference coordinators, Carl Dubchek. And when Nancy starts asking questions, she ends up putting herself and Bess in the line of fire! MEANWHILE... One hundred miles to the south, Frank & Joe Hardy experience a bizarre encounter of their own. Visiting the San Diego Zoo, they witness a commando-like operation---to steal a truckload of bamboo. Even stranger, a quick investigation on the Internet reveals a connection between the bamboo heist and an ex-CIA agent---Carl Dubchek! The Hardys hook up with Nancy in L.A., where they unravel a web of greed, deception, and international intrigue.

This series was discontinued in 1998.
Volume 37, tentatively titled The Playhouse Mystery was planned but the book was never published although a manuscript of this title may exist.